Project yourself into the world of Dreams

You are Morgan, a student in History of the Arts in Paris, who’s life is about to be turned upside down.
Help him discover Dreams. You choices will shape his destiny.

Advance the story at your own pace

The story is divided into 5 acts of an hour each.
Perfect for lunch break diversions!


Will you fall for Emma, loyal and passionate, Helo, the kind soul, or Isra, full of energy?
Or just be friend?

Own your choices

No “Mass Effect-style”: some endings will depend on choices made earlier in the game

Explore Dreams

Discover more about the universe .scenes in the world of dreams can be explored in point & click phases to 

Mythological creatures

Meet the Fates, the god Pan, and other mythological creatures.

Symphonic music

The original music is a symphony in 5 movements created by a composer and played by an orchestra!


Freely read or download the Art Bible of The Dreamwalkers.
Inside, you’ll discover the preparatory work on characters and sets and the references that inspires us.
Enjoy 😉